The short of it

I am a cartoonist, artist, and graphic designer living in beautiful Berkeley, California.

I am also an experienced slimer, one who cuts fish on a cannery assemblyline. I have worked as a security guard as well.

I like to draw.

I draw my pictures either in pen and ink with washes which I then scan  into the computer and color using Photoshop, or I draw them in Procreate on an iPad.

I take my coffee with a shot of India ink in the morning.

I went to India to buy India ink and they didn't have any. It was all made in America.

I sometimes have illusions of grandeur thinking I could someday make money at this.

I post on various social medias. Check out the links at right.

Aye yi yi.

Email me if you have any questions or to ask to join to my email list to learn about new things as they come into the store and randomly receive drawings.


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